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THROTTLE CONTROLLER: WHAT ARE THEY, HOW DO THEY WORK & DO I NEED ONE Throttle controllers are an electronic device that intercepts and modifies the accelerator position sensor voltage (normally 0-5v) and modifies it to either increase or decrease the voltage vs actual position/voltage depending on the setting selected. So, for a particular accelerator position, […]


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You may or may not be familiar with the term EGR but more than likely you have seen the images floating around the internet and social media of these blocked up filthy intake manifolds and valves. What is EGR? Exhaust Gas Recirculation is nothing new having been around since the 1970’s (1990’s on road going […]



Call it what you may, ECU remapping, flashing, recalibrating or programming is well established in the diesel & petrol market in Australia There’s for and against for ECU remapping, a lot of it comes down to who is remapping your vehicle and how? What is ECU remapping? ECU remapping is using software and hardware to […]