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Core Deposit

When ordering your pump or injectors we have two options. A core deposit is an additional fee paid at the time of ordering for us to use a stock core and build your pump or injectors. When choosing this option at allows you to be able to keep your vehicle on the road
while waiting for

your pump or injectors to be completed. Alternatively if you choose not to select this option we require you to send us your pump or injectors prior to starting your job. Additionally until your core is received we are unable to add your items to job queue. Once received it will be added to our production queue as normal.

While we endeavour to have cores in stock at all times, sometimes there is a delay in sending cores back. In effort to combat this we ask all cores be sent back with the return label provided within four weeks of receiving or your core deposit may be forfeited. Once your core is received back, inspected your core deposit will be refunded in the same manner in which it was received. Cores sent back disassembled are ineligible for core refunds.

For some items we do not have cores, for these items you will note they do not have the core deposit option for ordering. For these items we do require your parts prior to starting the build process. In an attempt to speed this process up, we kindly ask you provide your injector pump number in the notes section of your order. This will allow us to pre-order parts to have available for once we receive your core. (see below examples for pump information required) For up to date lead times, you are always welcome to give us a call and we can advise the expected wait time.