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THROTTLE CONTROLLER: WHAT ARE THEY, HOW DO THEY WORK & DO I NEED ONE Throttle controllers are an electronic device that intercepts and modifies the accelerator position sensor voltage (normally 0-5v) and modifies it to either increase or decrease the voltage vs actual position/voltage depending on the setting selected. So, for a particular accelerator position, half throttle or 50% for example, the unit changes the voltage to represent for example 75% throttle, this sharpens the driving feel and the user input for that said position, some settings allow the exact opposite to dull or smooth the throttle position. With some modern vehicles being notoriously unresponsive or sluggish at low throttle percentages in particular situations ie stop/start, or into a roundabout throttle controllers can help with this. Does the throttle controller make more power “NO”. What it does do is allow the ECU to access higher horsepower and torque (fuel/boost) positions in the mapping for less throttle input. Theis can definitely help things work more seamlessly and quickly. Do I need a throttle controller? If you are currently happy with engine power and throttle response is the only issue that requires attention, sure, it’s a cheap investment for its purpose. If you a planning on getting an ECU remap, I would put the investment towards the tune as a lot of these issues can be fixed with an appropriate tune. We normally tune with the throttle controller off and find there is no need, or the customer doesn’t switch it back on after. If fitting some aftermarket modules like Uni-chip, ecu-shop and others check with your tuner as some have this function built in Problems with electronic throttle controllers like everything in life there’s cons, we have seen increased fuel consumption with some units vehicle specific, faulty units causing poor power response/engine lights & believe it or not warranty claims try to be denied due to the fitment off these units.